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Optimize the trade fair exhibition with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an efficient marketing channel to make your trade fair participation in Switzerland more successful - regardless of whether you want to buy your trade fair stand for Austria or rent the trade fair stand for Switzerland. Use the following tips and strategies to search for a trade fair stand online and use it optimally - if necessary also for worldwide trade fair construction. You can find interesting examples of exhibition stands on many websites of exhibition construction companies. Know more about exhibition stand Dubai.

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Despite all the technical advances, people still attend trade shows. Why? Mainly because a public or trade fair is still the ideal place to quickly get in touch with like-minded colleagues, customers, and manufacturers. New technologies and apps also make orientation at a trade fair easier. You might be interested in exhibition stand design.

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Studies show that 40% of trade fair visitors become customers after a face-to-face meeting. A trade fair is therefore ideal for quickly addressing a large number of people. But you have to get the most out of your time at the trade fair. If you want to plan your booth online, LinkedIn can help you with that as follows. Learn more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

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1. Critically review your LinkedIn profile 

An up-to-date and attractive profile is a prerequisite for the success of LinkedIn. Critically review your profile on LinkedIn to encourage your trade show participation. Central points are:

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  • Think of a catchy job description
  • Include the industry you work in
  • Post regular updates and news
  • Write a short introductory text to get the reader engaged
  • Process keywords in the text so you can be found on search engines can
  • Add more media to stand out e.g. B. Pictures and videos
  • Remember: Internet users don't read long texts
  • Put your skills in the right order
  • Follow the relevant groups you see in the overview
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Choose a professional profile photo

2. Make appointments in advance via LinkedIn

Almost all trade fair organizers distribute a list of participants. Make sure you can access it in time and study your co-exhibitors. Are there participants who are important to you?

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Contact them via LinkedIn and ask for an appointment. Because you can view the company profile instantly via LinkedIn, it often works better than an email. The other person knows immediately who they are dealing with.

Tip. There are many helpful services that make it easy to book appointments online. Please indicate the times when you are available. Interested parties can then plan or change an appointment themselves. Most services will automatically send a reminder email or SMS and the appointment will automatically show up in your Outlook calendar - if you wish. An example of such a service would be Appointy.

3. Optimize your trade fair participation via LinkedIn groups

On LinkedIn, you can find different networking groups based on topic or interest. There is often also a group for the trade fair where you are exhibiting. Here you should become active, share your know-how and answer questions.

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You can also actively search for groups using the search box on the LinkedIn homepage. If you connect with interesting people through a group, ask them to link up and possibly meet you in person at the show.

4. Add key people to your LinkedIn network as soon as possible

You get to know a lot of people at a trade fair. There is a chance that the other person will forget you, especially if you haven't spoken to them for a long time. Therefore, try to link up with important new acquaintances as soon as possible.

Keep the invitation personal and short. The latter is important as you only have 300 characters available. Referring to the conversation being had is a perfect way to grab attention. The other person then knows immediately who is sending the invitation.

Tip. Always use "lead cards" at a trade fair, short forms on which you write down the most important data of a discussion partner. Also add personal attributes, such as a topic of conversation or hobbies. Everyone is receptive to personal attention.

5. Visitors are more important than the location of your booth

A beautiful exhibition stand at a top location contributes to a successful exhibition. But remember: a good story and the right visitors are far more important.

Take the time and budget for pre-show marketing and inform potential visitors about your stand with interesting ideas for your stand. This can be done by email, telephone, or personal invitations, and of course via LinkedIn. Whatever you choose: reserve appointments and give your visitors a good reason to visit your stand. 

6. Identify goals for successful trade show marketing with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is ideal for arranging appointments with colleagues or potential customers at the trade fair. Make a plan. An example: Suppose you are at the trade fair for two days and would like to have ten meetings with colleagues or potential business partners every day. Calculate how much time you have. Plan these appointments in advance and calculate how many appointments you want to add per day. Follow through with the plan.

You can also set measurable goals for post-fair marketing. For example, create a follow-up plan for posts, email, and social media like LinkedIn. With a good strategy, this works extremely well.

LinkedIn is a valuable channel to optimize your trade fair participation. By addressing the trade fair participants in advance and arranging appointments for the trade fair stand online, you can plan your valuable time optimally. You can then use the networking site to deepen relationships. This keeps you easily reachable for prospects and leads and allows you to attract more customers over time.

Optimize the trade fair exhibition with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an efficient marketing channel to make your trade fair participation in Switzerland more successful - regardless of whether you ...